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Sound Design

The sound design for Detroit '67 helps to illustrate the chaotic nature of the 1967 Detroit Riots as this household of characters are forced to survive further discrimination and hardships but with the added destruction and tragedies that ensue during this relentless week in American history. The characters do concentrate their hope and use the music of Motown to express their dreams and love for one another.

chelle and the record player.png
everybody needs love.png

I started by revisiting the notorious race riots in Detroit in that week of July to have a closer understanding of the scope of destruction and havoc these people lived through or perished by. Further, I dove into the music of Motown, as playwright Dominique Morisseau notated specific moments and songs that were used by characters to express themselves. Many of these moments blur the lines of how sound is used as it jumps from being diegetic to non-diegetic by motivation of the characters' expressive emotions.

Detroit '67 - Collage
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