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Sound Design

Exit, Pursued by a Bear is a comedic drama by Lauren Gunderson that deals with the heavy subject matter of domestic abuse. The play also has a strange structure as Gunderson makes use of meta-theatricality and projected stage directions in telling this story, namely that of having them projected so that the audience, and at times the characters themselves, see them. 

EPBB Fry pan.png
EPBB Carter speech.png

It was important for the Sound Design, in conjunction with Lighting and Projections, to aid the audience's travel as the story transitioned into these modes of theatre from meta-theatre to realism to hyper-drama/romantic fantasy. Using many inspirations from Brecht to soap operas, I created distinct soundscapes that would either gently sweep over the audience or jolt them into any one of these modes.

Exit Pursued by a Bear
EPBB Bloody hands.png
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